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Whether you visit us for a one time consultation or a longer course of action, at Keith A. Taulbee, DC, Inc., we make sure our patients play an active role in their recovery so they can remain pain-free once treatment ends.

We  prefer utilizing gentle techniques and also provide multiple modes of care including rehab, home exercise plans, trigger point dry needling (Dr Taulbee is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist: Dry Needling through the Myopain Janet G. Travell, MD seminar series), soft tissue techniques and others. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Taulbee has decades of training and experience.

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Assessment & Diagnosis

During your visit, Dr. Taulbee will listen to your story and take a detailed history. Once completed, we will create an individualized treatment plan including Assessment & Diagnosis aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together.

Continued Care

We take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. Through our decades of experience, we’ve found that continued care is a crucial part of the recovery process.  We make sure you know how to manage your problem in order to maximize function and minimize pain and the need for treatment.

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About Us

Dr. Keith Taulbee graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1997. Born and raised in Logan, Ohio, Dr. Taulbee was eager to establish his private practice in his hometown upon graduation. He and his staff have always offered the highest standards of treatment and patient care, and have proudly served the needs of patients in Logan and the surrounding area for over twenty years. 
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Keith Taulbee, DC

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Monday: 8:00am-5pm
Tuesday: 6:00am-3pm
Wednesday: 8:00am-5pm
Thursday: 6:00am-3pm

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Contact Us

We will respond to these contacts via email but prefer to communicate by phone call.  Please call us for an appointment or if you have questions.

(740) 380-9355

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